Five Pennies Pilsner (4.8%)

Five Pennies is our Bohemian kickback. Brewed with Pilsen, Vienna and Munich malts (thus light-tasting) and sparsely- hopped (thus crisp as Walkers), this lager-coloured beer is for the lovers of slow-burners (who embrace hyphens and brackets)

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Killdonnan (5.5%)

An authentically European Biere with a crisp, refreshing finish. Brewed with Pilsen malt, a snippet of honey and a hefty blend of Magnum, Saaz and Spalt hops this is a beer that can be roughly translated with 'warm day, beer garden, full glass'. Alternative translations could simply read 'curry'.

Houlaine Hefeweizen (5.5%)

23rd June 2016 may be a JFK moment. And so here be our olive branch across La Manche. Unfortunately, olives donít grow on Eigg. Bracken, however, does. And if bracken could be used for peace, then this would be bracken across the water, a la Simon and Garfunkel. Traditionally a cloudy summer ale with notes of banana, this also has the moniker of being the especial tipple of marathon runners across the world.

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Red Martyr (8.5%)

An abbey beer, Red Martyr doffs its head towards St. Donnan, the Christian monk who was martyred on Eigg. Dark, subtly hopped and packing a powerful kick, this is a beer with a long taste and, as our only bottle conditioned ale, is one for the pilgrims among us. Find a fire, bed-in for the night.

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