Our Ethos

This is St. Donan. A Red Martyr.

There were several colour-types of martyr 1500 years ago. The Red Martyr was someone who knew they’d be martyred if they went into a specific situation, and then went anyway. Belief is strength out here.

So when in 1997 a small community defeated a laird and took ownership of an island, it was with the spirit of Donan. And 20 years later, Eigg’s a beacon for community living, creating its own renewable electricity grid, its own internet provider, a residential eco centre and fashioning common-sense out of the lunacy around us.

And since 2014 there’s been a brewery making beer like no other on the West Coast. Laig Bay makes brazenly good beer in the most ethically, environmentally, Scottishly, experimentally, refiningly, evolvingly and currently impoverishingly way possible.

We specialise in hoppy US-style IPAs and Pale Ales, in seasonal saisons and European-style beers and most importantly in the spirit of invention, a particular Scottish trait.

And so.
Laig Bay Brewing Co: beer from the wild.