We started making beer and people liked it. So then we started making more beer. And we found that we couldn’t make enough... and then at the back of 2015 Aldi got in touch and they wanted 5000 bottles! That was really a turning point where we went from being a couple of guys making beer to a brewery.


The Isle of Eigg is known for many things, not least its eclectically embracing welcoming, that gigantic piece of volcanic magical Sgurr basalt and an independent tenor of the type feared by lairds and Rolls Royce’s alike. It seems high time that it was also known for its shit-hot, seat-of- the-pants beer.

Laig Bay Brewing Co. came about by circumstance as much as passion. Gabe made fabulous music across the known and unknown worlds with the folk supergroup Daimh while, there being no High School on Eigg, Stu’s previous career teaching in Liverpool then Manchester then Kathmandu had just come to an abrupt end. And circuitously they came-around to discussing beer whilst having-a-beer during a ceilidh. And Laig Bay Brewery was born, literally under the craic of a beer (a blue can) and the dreich of gallivanting midges.

And the next morning what they remembered was a shared love of beer that leaves the taste buds remembering for days afterwards the true meaning of taste buds, and a desire to make such a beer. And determining that they should find this beer they made something that tasted a lot like pish, and determined to improve...